Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Pinning.....Done In a Manly Way

Reversible African Print Bow Tie
Have you been physco emailing your guy to "like" your Wedding Pinterest Board?   STOP IT RIGHT NOW.  He needs to pin his own stuff......in manly way.  It's not that he doesn't like those candles you found on Etsy, which you already convo-ed the seller to make sure they can fill your order by the big day, which is a false date because small companies can be flakey.  He needs to create his own board of manly fabulous finds.  He needs Gentlemint.

Co-founder Glen Stansberry talks about why guys need or even want to find stuff they like and catalog it: Interview with Gentlemint’s Glen Stansberry: Pinterest, Sharing, and did someone say Bacon?

Gentlemint is not just for men but it is a place to share manly things. 

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