Sunday, May 04, 2014

Weirdly and Wonderfully Out Of Order

It's weeks later and your wedding memories come flooding back in some strange order.  Cutting the cake, dancing with Dad, the walk down the aisle, the laughter the food, it has no rhyme or reason, they are wonderful memories coming in for a visit.

I search You Tube and Vimeo for creative wedding videos.  Most go in a particular order.  See the bride get ready, see the groom get dressed, watch the wedding, see the bridal party take photos....zzzzzzzz.  They all begin to look alike, despite there are different couples celebrating their wedding day.  

When I saw one of Mr. Thomas's videos, I fell in love with this style, it's unique and creative.   I call it Weirdly and Wonderfully out of order.  It feels like more like an Independent movie than an average wedding video.  Andrew Thomas's team loves what they do which helps them create a visual odyssey of a day that is filled with love (read more and see more). 

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