Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Takin' It To The Streets

When I met Salaam and Trevor, I knew this was no ordinary couple and their wedding was going to be an explosion of creativity. With each description of the event they were secure in their ideas and didn't care about traditions or expectations. The love they share was their only motivation.

7:00am on July 1, all the guest met at Salaams apartment lobby. They then took to the streets of Harlem. Led by Latin Musicians singing and dancing up St. Nicholas to Harlem School of the Arts.

The couple followed filled with the spirit. Their garments were in perfect harmony. Trevor's suit designed by Ron and Ron. The fabric came from Italy, it blended perfectly with Salaam's explosion of color. Salaam came to me with two elements that was very important to her. She wanted patchwork and her top had to be crocheted lace. Her skirt was fitted and flared patched in silk charmuese. The colors were royal blue, red, soft golden yellow, and a yellow copper. The top was the challenge, finding the right vintage lace pieces was not that easy, but Salaam was patient and at the 11th hour the right combination was found. Her top was made from a large vintage lace doilies with smaller ones completing the shape. The back was secured with silk ties. Her skin was flawless, which made this look even more exciting.

Entering Harlem School of the Arts, there was a path that was dusted with rose petals. salaam and Trevor greeted guest as the band played. The seats were filled up facing a beautiful waterfall.
A Saxophone solo walked in accompanied by the thunderous sounds of water hitting rock. The coupled followed on a white cloth showered with rose petals. They took center stage. The mothers opened the ceremony with loving thoughts, advice, and prayer. Then one by one family and friends spoke on subjects like trust, faith, balance, friendship, and love.

With each piece of advice, couples in the audience snuggled a little closer.

As a young man sang, Salaam got teary. Then they made their promises to each other. This included support, trust, and of course love. With that, the fathers closed the ceremony with their blessings and the rings were exchanged. With a kiss they were married by friends, family, and God.

Salaam and Trevor honeymooned in Southeast Asia. Their first splendid week was spent at the Tao Gardens.

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