Thursday, August 09, 2007

Colures Magazine

I happened to walk into a magazine store in Brooklyn, to show a friend an article in magazine. Then I saw a dusty pink tinted cover with a perfectly made up face. At first, I thought it was W, but the logo was different.

The subtitle:
"Style & Culture For The Modern Women Of Colour" BEYOND BLACK

The pages that were filled with extraordinary images and articles.
Loved reading about Philadelphia's born Charita Jones, lovingly known as Momma Cherri. Her Soul Food Restaurant located in Brighton, less than an hour from London, is a top tourist attraction. Colures even included some of her recipes.

This issue has a wonderful wedding section that includes getting married abroad. Of course the images are delectable (even if they don't have any of my dresses).

I was completely blown away, it's all so delicious, so fabulous, so black.

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Ms. AJ said...

Hi Cassandra,

I did a google on Colures magazine, and landed on your blog. I am having the worst time finding a place that sells this magazine in California, especially since it's a UK magazine... and an even harder time getting the newest issue from the publication. I did some work in the current issue and would love to get my hands on several copies of the mag. Do you have the phone number or the name of the bookstore you saw the mag in? Wonder if they ship...

Thank you so much,



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