Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Mixing It Up

Last Sunday on WE tv I watched an episode of Wedding Central-Culture Clash. I was intrigued by the title. This episode, showed an American White couple board with the American traditions of weddings, decided to marry out side their own culture and comfort zones.

With less than three weeks to the big day, t
he trials and tribulations of planning was documented. Kristian and Brandon were mentored by Neha an Rooshi in the traditions, symbols and fun of a wedding Hindu ceremony, of which there are many separate events that lead up to the big day.
Mehendi is an important pre-wedding ritual and is usually celebrated at the brides home. The beautiful henna decor is hand painted on the brides hands and feet. As well as other female family members. The tattooing is not permanent but can be very intricate and the bride must stay still so as not to spoil the design. Which means she will be treated like a princess. More on Mehendi Decor

One of my favorite parts of the show was when the Grooms feet is washed by his parents. This ritual comes with prayers for the couple. One family member I believe got it and with out hesitation as she washed his feet she said " May you use these feet to walk with God and may God bless you every step of the way". It brought tears to my eyes.

There was plenty of tension at making this decision but in the end the family got it. All the rituals and symbols are only meant to create a loving union.

You can borrow from other cultures without losing your own

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