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A Wedding That's in The Pits

Slap on that sauce and let's get busy!


If you missed this event shame on you! Pit Masters came from all over to Grill New York, and we ate every bit of it and asked for more. While I smacked my lips and licked my fingers, I thought this could be a fabulous theme for a wedding. I have met many Brides weary of the idea of a big fancy catered event. "I would love to have just a simple back yard Cook out" lamented one worn out bride. So why not have what you want. Heat up the grill, slap on the sauce, and have plenty of Wet Wipes on hand.

Let's Get Grillin'

Helpful planning links at the bottom of this post
  1. Begin with choosing a location. This shindig could be planned at many different locations, like a family's home, friends back yard, local park or even your own home.
  • Choosing a home can feel just right but first can the home hold the number of guest you want to invite?
  • Speak to the local police department and find out about the noise ordinances. You may have the shut down at 11pm.
  • Parking on the block. Neighbors can get sticky on this one. When you have the date and time inform the neighborhood association. Give them an educated guess of cars and get a plan that everyone can live with.
  • Higher a clean up crew. Your guest may drop a paper or two be sure that the clean-up crew also keeps an eye on the street. If you leave a mess it could cost you a fine and that's not fine at all.
  • If you don't want everyone using your bathroom, rent one. Porta Pottys are not as skeevy as they seem
  • Discuss with your home owners insurance "extra" for the day of the event.
  • If the whole block is not invited be sure to send out thank you gift baskets.
  • Out doors is lovely but what if, there is bad weather, the back yard looks like an abandoned lot, or killer bees are on the attack. You got the idea, have a Plan B, can everyone fit inside.
  • Or, is the area large enough for a tent. There are many styles to choose from and they can be as cozy, with heating, air conditioning, floors, creative lighting and more.
  • Top Shelf Liquor, remember to limit the drinking you could be responsible for any irresponsible drinkers. That could include relieving themselves on someone else's property to driving and becoming a menace to society.
  • Benedryl, bug spray, Sun Screen
  • Is the house wired for fun. Check with an electrician if the wiring can stand the extra equipment (DJ, Lights, Other). Also keep cables covered and out of the way. You don't want any slip, trip, and falls.

The above list is not packed with fun, but it is necessary. Now let's get to the fun part. Your back yard bash can be as fancy as you can afford or low frills as you like. Below some ideas to build on

  • Who is the Grill Mister in your family. See if he/she is willing to man/woman the grill. If you can have two, that's great. Fish and chicken on one, red meats on the other. Can't afford all the protein hold to just one meat and have a spicy or mild sauce.
  • Everyone can dress casual, even you. Wear a light airy gown, even a short one will be fun. If you are game, after the ceremony put on some shorts.

  • Centerpieces can include mini bottles of hot sauce and wet wipes.
  • Family BBQ recipes books, make this yourself, use a publish yourself service.
  • Plenty of food is obvious, but get creative. Baby lamb chops are all the rage now or include sweet, mild, and hot chicken wings.
  • Create a special drinks (non alcoholic), Watermelon lemonade, Sorrel, or Ginger Peach Tea. Search the net for more exciting recipes and ideas.
  • Make it personal with napkins that sums up the day.
Married A Saucy Guy, Married A Saucy Girl
Mr. and Mrs. Hot Hot Hot
We Got Grilled 8.10.08

A BBQ wedding is filled with fun. I can go on and on and on ...

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Tip: For a Soul Food fashion show, I went to a local grocery store and struck up a deal with the manager. He gave me a great price because of the volume. They were full size bottles and we just tied a little note with raffia on the bottle.

Wet Wipes
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