Monday, March 09, 2009

I Can Do It Myself

How hard is it to create a bouquet. I don't know but after a few glasses of wine, laughs, you'll be just like a pro. Hmm, maybe I've had too much wine and laughs. Anyway, this is a fun DIY event to help you put those pansies in their place. With some wine tasting just to make it all go smooth, pansies have a wild side.

Floral Design Workshop At Katrina Parris

This floral event is great for friends, wedding parties and social groups. It includes the basic instructions from our "Floral Design and Wine Tasting Combined!" workshop. In addition, you learn the basic techniques for creating a wedding bouquet sure to please the most discriminating person - you. Read More...

Wednesday March 11th 2009


$70 per person

KPF Studio

1877 Seventh Ave

New York NY

212.222.7030 To reserve a seat

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