Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Manicures DIY

I recently found a jewelry making video on You Tube and all I kept saying was " Her nails are busted, why would she do a demonstration and her nails are busted!". My High and Mighty attitude made me look at my own nails and I said "OMG, my nails are busted. How could I go out like that!".
Weekly manicures are expensive and just like the latte factor some things have to be cut, but you have to show off that pretty diamond ring. What's a bride to do. DIY to the rescue. If your budget must be slashed start here. Some of you Diva Brides get a bi-weekly manicure and even at a the low end of $12 per manicure, that's $312a year. I don't suggest you go into the world with "busted nails" but maybe you can do it yourself.
I searched You Tube for some How To videos and found "How To Give Yourself A Manicure" (that's catchy). It's 20 clear steps to a beautiful nails which included a person doing their own nails, helpful facts, and inexpensive products for the manicure. Minimize the trips to the nail salon, keep a little dough in the pocket.

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