Friday, April 10, 2009

Judging Beauty On the Curve

Let me ask you a question, are you completely happy, over the moon, confident, and in love with every inch of your body? All the bumps, rolls, and delicious curve of your anatomy. If yes or no you must see The Mozaik Curve Project. This inspiring project turns the light on positive body image of curvy women.

99.99999% of the woman I create gowns for are all concerned about their bumps, rolls, and girth. Of course we all are concerned about a healthy body image, but a wedding can make us caraaaaaazy with analyzing what we actually look like. All brides end up looking so beautiful on their wedding day but the time taken to agonize about size is not good.
One of the blogs I visit (Bodacious Blog), wrote a simple post. I followed the link and wanted to share this with you. It is fabulous, visit the site (there is a fair amount of partial nudity) and create a positive, healthy, love of yourself and your body. Remember he asked you to marry him with every delicious curve of your body.

A great read for the Plus Size Bride

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