Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Wishpot

Before Tying the Knot, Think Wishpot
Take the Guessing out of Gifting with Easy-To-Use Wedding Registries

Aren’t wedding bells easier to ring when the bride & groom get the gifts they wished for? New, online social shopping site Wishpot makes this happen with the simple click of a button! Taking the guessing out of gifting, the ingenious website lets the bride and groom-to-be let their family and friends know exactly what gifts they want on the big day, with smart, easy-to-use bridal registries. A win-win situation, the bride and groom are ensured to receive the gifts they want, while wedding guests are ensured to find the perfect gift, at the perfect price. After all, give the perfect gift and you just might be upgraded to a better table at the reception.
Sound like a typical registry to you? Look closer. While other online sites do offer registry services, the bride and groom are limited to that single retailer. Wishpot, on the other hand, enables users to select items from anywhere on the web. As any smart shopper would agree, why limit yourself to one store when you can have them all? If that weren’t enough, Wishpot offers price comparisons and sale alerts to keep your registry within reach of even the most budget-conscious guest. Unsure of what you want? Consult Wishpot’s wedding experts for unique gift ideas and tips, seek advice from other couples, or even check out the current, top registered items.
How exactly does Wishpot work? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. 1 – sign up. 2 – download the Wishpot button to your toolbar. 3 go shopping! While browsing your favorite bridal & wedding gift sites on the net, drag and drop items you like into the Wishpot button on your toolbar. The items will be automatically added to your registry. Set any price comparisons or sale alerts, then send to your guests! With numerous easy to use and share features, Wishpot is the ideal solution for your wedding registry needs, wishes, and wants!

About Wishpot
Launched in 2007 and awarded Best Social Shopping site in 2008, Seattle-based Wishpot is a free social shopping service that makes it easy to save and share interesting things users find from anywhere on the web. Once collected, items are stored and organized using simple online lists, which can be kept private or shared with others. From wedding and baby to gadgets and indie, any kind of list can be created! Users can collect and discover products they like, recommend their favorite things, share and explore gift suggestions, receive price comparisons and sale alerts, and ask for opinions and advice. Once the Wishpot toolbar is downloaded, items from any online store or website can be saved with the simple click of a button. Start shopping, storing, sharing, and saving with Wishpot!

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Sarah said...

Great site - I just checked it out and was really impressed.

lefty0007 said...

Great site! I hope you'll tell your brides about the Bridal Mini !

It's a top you wear when testing hair, makeup and jewelry, and later you and your friends decorate it and you wear it to the bachelorette party!


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