Friday, October 16, 2009

Did You Know?

African American women will die of breast cancer more than Caucasian women and the types of breast cancer is more aggressive. You can help and make a difference.

Circle of Promise

I recall a few months ago I had a client who's mother is a breast cancer survivor. She shared her compelling story with me during a very difficult time when I was loosing my mother. I really appreciated her "testifying" with me. When her mom passed away, she had been caring for her and then got the diagnosis. As she says, her mom moved over so she could fly. Today Vernel is full of light and love. Her daughters wedding was gorgeous and she lived and laughed to see it all which is what it's all about. Keeping our loved ones with us.

Breast Cancer has come a long way since my grandmother died of this terrible decease in the late 60's (she never smoked) but for many African American Women it is a death sentence. There is much work we can do.
The Circle of Promise vows to empower African American Women with the tools and information so they can take charge in their own lives. You can mobilize your entire bridal party, family and friends to get on board.

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