Monday, January 11, 2010

The Undershirt With Powers

The Undershirt With Powers

Most men look great in a tux, he's all gussied up and lookin' good. But what about a little later when he takes the jacket off and the meat and potatoes you've been feeding him makes an appearance. What should your Superman do, step into the proverbial phone booth and change into his Undershirt with Powers.

Julie France
utilizes the latest in apparel technology in the Ultimate Body Sculptor T-shirt for men. The lightweight, breathable, microfiber fabric is perfect for layering, providing extra warmth in the cold weather, and keeping him cool and dry during those hot summer months. Also an excellent option for workout wear, the Ultimate Body Sculptor energizes and supports core muscles, while wicking away moisture for a comfortable, cool workout. Anytime is the perfect time for Ultimate Body Sculptor. The Ultimate Body Sculptor, with it's innovative seamless 3-D performance technology, proves men don't have to be born with great genes to look great in jeans.

"Building and improving upon existing technology, Julie France has engineered a cutting-edge, zone specific, multi-use men's shirt, that is not only functional for workout and performance wear, but is also a versatile, affordable undershirt, suitable for everyday performance," says Rodrigo Cano, General Manager. "Whether it's the gym, the office or a special occasion, he will look and feel his best.

It's not a girdle ladies, it's his superwear gear! Read more...

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