Friday, August 26, 2011

Show Some Love

Above are some Vintage Love stamps from my Etsy Shop.  It has become very popular to use vintage stamps  on invitations and    This may also create a valuable keepsake.  

Finding un-used vintage stamps (stamps over 20 years old) may not be as hard as it sounds.  It's big business and the resource for this purchase is right at your finger tips.  
  • Ebay: Plenty of stamp sellers, including moi.  This will require you to research and read the descriptions carefully and ask questions. 
  • Etsy: Same as eBay, there are individual sellers, but Etsy is not an auction site.  Many sell vintage stamps and this one stands out,  Verde Studio creates beautiful combinations for your mailings.  
  • Champion Stamp Company: They sell stamps in varied denominations.  This may be the best resource of them all.  
The above mentioned companies sell the stamps higher than the face value.  That's the price of creativity.  Also read USPS Wedding Stamps and Rates.  This will give you an accurate accounting of what it will cost to mail your invites.

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