Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Southern Weddings/Mason Jars

Photo credit Ruffled

Mason Jars have been long since associated with the South and although canning, preserving, and pickling was done all over the country, country style living would almost always include a mason jar somewhere.

What's interesting is that the Mason Jar was invented and patented in 1858 by Philadelphia tinsmith, John Landis Mason.  Pretty good for a northerner.

I recently spoke to a Mother of a bride, who's daughter got married last year, used the Mason Jars as favors.   She said her guests drank all night using the jars and the guests took their jars home as a favor (like the above photo).

Mason jars are cheap....I mean inexpensive, which means you won't break the bank.  One bride I know of would like to full her jar with peanut brittle.  This is a sweet ending for the night, but what else can you full a jar with?

Salad in a jar
Mason Jar Salad.  I came across this idea via Bellissima Vita The Blog.  Easy to do just layer as you see above (how to), keep these jars cool on ice, and provide a brown paper sack to leave with. 
Tiaras and Tantrums
Pickles yeah fill it with pickles or even pickled watermelon rind.  If it's a Southern style wedding why not go hole hog.  Now you could pickle the cucumbers yourself (recipe) and that would be very impressive, but I recommend buying pickles from a local pickling business (see bottom of post for links).
Spring Mason Jar Crafts
Use the mason jars as center pieces.  Clustered together will look lush and beautiful.  Choose same, similar, colored flowers for a uniform chic look.

This post can go on and on with ideas but just make a search for ideas and you will have your fill.

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