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Summer Weddings/Party Crashers Can Really Bug Guests

If you're planning a beautiful outdoor wedding you must plan for those uninvited guests, bugs.  They can be a real mood killer.  Guests will be swatting, fanning, and some may even be allergic to bug bites, which can turn your wedding into a killer affair.

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Time of day could be a factor to bugs coming to the party.  Dusk  and early morning appears to be when bugs like mosquitoes and gnats are active, so you may want to plan for after dusk or when the summer sun is at it's highest, but, have plenty of water and umbrellas to protect your guests from the hot sun.

Although a wedding by the lake (or any standing body of water), may be beautiful, this could present some issues.  Just be mindful that the unwanted guests may crash.

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Pest control at your wedding is not something you want to concentrate on.  You can try some of these tricks to help the wedding crashers at bay.

1. Hire a Pest Control service.  If you are getting married on family property, this could take some of the worry off your list.  The company will come out and provide you with the best solution based on your needs. FCM Pest Wire

2. Citronella Candles and Torches, the citronella oil is made from citronella grass, which grows in several countries in Southeast Asia. This tall grass has a pleasant lemon scent. This scent keeps some flying insects away, including mosquitoes, with its natural aroma.

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3. Bug Spray, supply your guests with some natural bug repellent. 

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What happened to the Cicadas.  2013 was to be their mating year, it had been 17 years and the city would sound like call of the wild.  Cicadas are known for deafening high pitch droning sound, which is just annoying.  Some reports described locust like swarms, while others made us aware of this event.  It was suggested that outdoor weddings should have umbrellas on hand for guests.  

That's all changed, they just not coming.  According to this New York Times article 'Swan Song for Cicadas, but Many Missed the Show', there has been a change of plans.  So party on, at least this is party crasher.........more and likely will not be coming.

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