Sunday, November 20, 2005

Combining Two Traditions

Combine these two traditions and create a new one.

Blue Waistbeads by Cassandra Bromfield's Company

Any size waist available


Something Old Something New Something Borrowed Something Blue

Wearing something Blue on the wedding day was a symbol of the couples fidelity. In ancient Israel when brides wore blue ribbons on the border of their wedding cloths to symbolize, love, modesty and fidelity. Christian Brides felt it symbolized purity. Blue was the color painted in garments worn by the Virgin Mary.


In the Ashanti region of Southern Ghana, Africa, women's waistbeads are endowed with evocative power (according to Dr. Susanne Gott of the Kansas City Art Institute). From an early age, young girls are adorned with beads at their waist, wrists and ankles through growing up. As young adults the beads worn under the clothing entice the opposite sex.


A new sexy custom.

Wear your blue wasitbeads under your wedding gown or on your wedding night!

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