Saturday, November 12, 2005

Her Wedding Her Way

Lois wanted some cultural embellishment on her dress. A simple strapless A line gown in bridal satin. I won't name the designer but it was an inexpensive dress and still very stylish. She made a great decision by using a Cowrie shell headband as a headpiece. Her jewelry makes a strong statement being untraditional in shape and size. By removing the fabric rose that was on the dress and replacing it with a Cowrie shell pin (by Cassandra Bromfield), her cultural look was complete. Lois proved by making some simple additions to her accessories she was fashionable and still celebrated her culture.

Cowrie Shell Pin Small

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1 comment:

NapiSoul said...

This is beautiful. I just bought a similar dress in ivory and would like to embellish it with cowrie shells. Were the shells sewn or glued onto her dress?


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