Friday, November 04, 2005

Weather Or Not

When extreme weather happens to a wedding it can be devastating. Glorious pictures of family and friends diminish. The wonderful event you’ve planned turns into an ominous view of what marriage will be. Aghhhh! First of all, fore warned is fore armed. When picking a date do a little researching. Many catering establishments will give great price reductions for certain times of the year. They are probably the coldest months of the year and drop enough snow that your guest will have to be ski lifted to the reception. Begin your search with the stats of when the extreme weather is expected for that area. When you have all the facts you can plan with ease.
There are many places to begin your search. The Farmers Almanac, which has been published since 1792, gives you helpful hints concerning the tide tables, sunrise tables, and planting info. This is the perfect source for those who don’t want the weather left up to chance.
Another source for forecasting is The Weather Channel. Here not only will you get a ten day forecast for your wedding day but you can also find info for your honeymoon. This helps a great deal because even if you’ve picked the best month of the year it could still drop buckets of rain on that gorgeous gown.
With the right forecast you can at least relax, even if it is on top of a mound of snow, you will be prepared because you knew it was coming.
The Farmers Almanac:
The Weather Channel:
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